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"Pupils enjoy being at the school and they enjoy learning. The overwhelming majority of parents think that the school provides a very good standard of education" - Ofsted

"Around every corner there is a plethora of high-quality reading books in your text-rich school" - Ofsted

"Undeniably, Moulton School is a happy, vibrant and exciting place to learn. Pupils behaviour is excellent because they are encouraged to achieve. Work done to ensure that the pupils are tolerant and respectful of one another is striking" - Ofsted

"Pupils say that the pupils in this school are perfect, no matter who they are. Pupils are adamant that bullying will never be tolerated. The school is undoubtedly harmonious" - Ofsted

"A strong culture of rewards plays an important part in promoting excellent attitudes to learning" - Ofsted

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Reading Scheme

At Moulton School, we band our reading books according to the Bug Club banding system.  Our scheme is made up predominantly of books from the Oxford Reading Tree Scheme and Pearson Scheme. However, we do have other books to complement this scheme eg PM Books and Rigby Readers.

In order to find the appropriate level to place children on, we give the children a half termly assessment test   which assesses the children on the colour band they are currently on. This test is very much centred on their 'understanding'  of the text rather than being based on word recognition like the old Benchmarking system predominantly did.  

We encourage communication via the Home/School Reading Diary and any comments made will be acknowledged.

Each week, the children choose three books to take home (although in the Reception class the books may initially be chosen for them).  We do not expect all three books to be read but we do ask that children read at least three times a week at home and that the diary is signed by an adult to show the readings have taken place.  

Your child may not be 'heard' read each week but will take part in a 'guided reading' session where they will read and discuss a book within a small group, led by a teacher and/or a TA.  (In Reception, we do not start guided reading until the Summer term, favouring instead one-to-one reading.)  In the infants, these guided reading sessions closely reflect the work currently being covered in the daily phonics sessions.

Please click here to see how the book bands are matched to each Year group.