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Year 6

Welcome to our Year 6 class page!


To achieve the most out of reading your child possibly can, it is important that they read for at least 20 minutes daily. There are many benefits that come with reading such as increased vocabulary, reduced stress and improved sleep. 

Your children may enjoy reading a range of different texts for example novels, poetry, newspapers, magazine articles and graphic novels. Many also love listening to a good audiobook! All types of reading is beneficial and we encourage children to do what they enjoy. 

In school, we encourage a love of reading by having quality texts available to choose from and by sharing a whole class story. Each week, your child will participate in a Guided Reading session. We use the reading scheme, "Pathways to Read" which supports the use of high quality texts, carefully selected to support your child's learning.

In Key Stage 2, the children also use Accelerated Reader. A few times a year, your child will complete a 'Star Reading' test to assess their reading level. After completing the book, they will take a short quiz on the iPad to assess their understanding of the book - something the children love doing!

Remember, any books you may be looking at in the local library can be searched for on the AR book finder to see whether they are on Accelerated Reader and whether they fall within your child’s reading level. https://www.arbookfind.co.uk/ 


English is taught through the "Pathways to Write"  scheme. This uses a quality text each half term, which we will explore in lessons. Through these texts, we will develop our understanding of punctuation, spelling and grammar and then apply this to our own creative writing.

Each week, your child will also have spelling lessons that help revise previously taught spelling patterns, learning new patterns as well how to apply these into their writing. Spelling homework via 'Spelling Shed' will be provided each week to support your child's in-class learning.


Maths is taught using the mastery scheme, White Rose Maths. Each lesson, your child will gain experience answering a wide variety of questions to develop their fluency, as well as reasoning and problem solving questions to really encourage a deep level of understanding - 'mastery' of a skill. 

Your child will receive homework via Times Tables Rock Stars (TTRS) each week to support the revision of multiplication and division facts. 


We communicate through the use of Class Dojo which is a fantastic tool. It enables you to be kept up-to-date with what your child has been doing in school all day. Daily reminders and important information will also be shared through the Dojo page. If you have any queries or need to relay information about your child, please use the messaging function on the Class Dojo site. 


Year 6 will have P.E on a Wednesday and then either a Thursday or Friday afternoon (alternating due to inter-house activities taking place on Fridays to allow children the opportunity to practise their skills in a competitive situation).

Please ensure the following:

- Long hair is tied up.

- Earrings are removed before school or are taped up if piercings are new and unable to be taken out.



In Year 6, we ask that some time is spent each night on homework. The following tasks should be completed:

- Reading: at least 15 minutes a day

- Times Tables Rockstars: at least 15-20 minutes a week (this is most beneficial if completed regularly in short bursts)

- Spellings: games completed on Spelling Shed - these spellings will change weekly and reflect the spelling rules we are looking at in class.

*Later in the year, Year 6 children will receive additional homework to help support their learning in class and preparation for the national tests. This information will be posted on Class Dojo when appropriate.


Year 6 children will undertake a series of national tests in the following areas of their learning: Reading, Spelling/Grammar/Punctuation (SPAG) and Maths.

Information will be provided to you closer to the time! Please feel assured that your children will be supported, enabling them to feel ready and confident leading up to these tests in May.


Thank you for your support!

Mrs Harrison